Richmond (Midgley & Sutcliffe England) Complete Milling Machine Product Range Catalogue Set




All No. 1 No. 0 No. 1A No. 2A No 2B No. VHM No. VM1 O.S.3.D. OS3D 14-60 Hyspeedmil No. 5 Vertical No. 3 Vertical No.5 Production Miller

Machine types: 

Drill, Milling Machine


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Richmond (Midgley & Sutcliffe England) Complete Product Range Catalogue for the Company's Milling machines including pre-WW2 publications for early and late Models "O", 1, !a, 2A, 2B, LHM, VHM, VM1, later Plain & Universal versions of the No.1, No. 2, No.3, OS3D, No. 4, No. 5 production miller, No.3 vertical, No. 5 Vertical, Turret-head miller,  14-60, Universal "Hyspeedmil" attachment, Milling Machine Accessories Catalogue, the Dividing Head Catalogue and Radial Arm Drilling Machines Catalogues. 136 + pages. Individual model catalogues also available. for the latter please email: for details


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