SIP Full-range Catalogue (1950s - 1960s)




1H 2P 3K 3K-CN 4G 5E-CN 6A 6A-CN 6A-DIR 7A 7A-CN 7A-DIR 7P 8P

Machine types: 

Borer, Milling Machine, Miscellaneous


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SIP (Societe Genevoise) Full-range, all-models, accessories and tooling catalogue covering the period 1950s to 1960s. This consists of the largest catalogue from the period, plus every additional different page from other SIP "Full-range" publications of the same era. Jig Borers: 1H, 2P, 3K, 3K-CN, 4G, 5E-CN, 6A, 6A-DIR, 6A-CN, 7A, 7P, 7A-DIR, 7A-CN, 8P. Measuring Comparators F-7B, Universal Measuring Support U-10, Micro-indicators MI-18 and MI-30, High Precision Micro-Indicator Type MI-6B, Micrometer Type W-20, Shop gauge Measuring machine Type MUL-300, Universal Measuring machine Type MU-214B, Trioptic Universal Measuring Machine, 3-co-ordinate Measuring Machine Superoptic-6AM, Superoptic-7AM, Universal Measuring Machine Type MUL-1000, Universal Measuring Machine Type MUL-3000, Universal Measuring Machine Type MUL-4000, Profile Projector AP-6A and Universal Profile Projector Type AP-10. Spark erosion machine 1-EE. Circular dividing tables conventional and optical Types PI-2, PI-3, PI-4, PI5, PD-3, PD-4, PD-6, Rotopic No. 1, Rotopic No. 2 and PD-6H; tool cabinets, tooling and cutters, boring tools, special tooling, tool holders, tapping attachments, etc.


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