Model: 8P

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Manuals for Model: 8P

Print code: S224

SIP (Societe Genevoise) Full-range, all-models, accessories and tooling catalogue covering the period 1950s to 1960s. This consists of the largest catalogue from the period, plus every additional different page from other SIP "Full-range" publications of the same era. Jig Borers: 1H, 2P, 3K, 3K-CN, 4G, 5E-CN, 6A, 6A-DIR, 6A-CN, 7A, 7P, 7A-DIR, 7A-CN, 8P.

Print code: S225C

SIP All-Models (small-format) Catalogue dated 1964 showing the JIG BORERS: 1H, 2P, 3K, 5E, 6A, 6A-CN4, 6A-DIR, 7A, 7A-DIR, 7A-CN4, 8P. Profile projector AP-6A, Universal Measuring Support U-10, Optical Measuring Machines: MUL-300, MU-214B, TRIOPTIC, MUL-100, MUL-3000, MUL-4000. 3 Co-ordinate Measuring Machines: Hydroptic-6AM, 7AM, 6AM-CN5, 7AM-CN5, 6AM-DIR and 7AM-DIR.

Print code: S225M2

SIP (SOCIETE GENEVOISE) Hydroptic 8P Vertical and Horizontal Jig Boring Machine. Sales and Technical Specification and Accessories Catalogue 24 pages.

Print code: SM560V8

SIP 8P Jig Borer
I'm afraid that we have nothing marked as specific for the SIP 8P - but this was a machine with the same size and travel of table, head side-to-side travel - and an identical design of table-drive system and measuring equipment as the SIP 6A and 7A models - but designed for production purposes, rather than jig boring (hence the suffix "P").
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