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Gear Machine, Lathe, Milling Machine, Miscellaneous


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SLOAN & CHACE: Two rare catalogues showing the: Precision Bench Lathe No.Five-and-and-half and No. Five together with their Accessories including the screwcutting attachment, compound slide rest, lever-operated compound slide rest, drill pads, V-centres, grinding attachment, tool-post grinder, steadies, boring rest, steady rest, revolving tailstock, faceplates, expanding chuck,spring collets and step chucks; Automatic Staff & Pivot Lathe, Precision Bench Milling Machines No. 2 and No.3, Single-spindle Drill Press, three-spindle drill press, Precision Gear Cutting Machines, No. 1 Automatic Gear Cutter, No.3 Automatic Gear Cutter, Automatic Pinion Cutter, vertical lever tapping machine, vertical table-lift tapping machine. 42 fascinating pages.


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