SIP MP-5E Data Pack Manual





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  • Operators Manual
  • Electrical Diagrams
  • Catalog
  • Other

SIP (Society Genevoise) Jig Borer MP-5E. A complete Data pack consisting of:

  1. Operator's Instruction Manual
  2. "Preliminary Instructions" - a manual that describes how to put the jig borer into place, handling, cleaning and connecting to the mains. Assembling the machine, putting the cross rail into service, assembling the quill and spindle driving motor and various checks. Lubrication chart and a foundation plan.
  3. Electrical Instructions
  4. Supplementary Electrical Manual covering Electronic Control of table and spindle head motion and wiring diagrams
  5.   Two Maker's detailed Sales & Accessories Catalogue: a full-range, all-models and accessories catalogue (98 pages) covering the period 1950s to 1960s - this consists of the largest catalogue from the period, plus every additional different page from other SIP "Full-range" publications of the same era. Useful in showing the range of special cutters and cutter holders and accessories.
    A detailed 12-page catalogue for the MP-5E

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