WADKIN "Bursgreen" Full-Range Catalogue 1965


Wadkin Wadkin-Bursgreen



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WADKIN "Bursgreen" Full-Range Catalogue dated 1965 including: 12" Tilting Arbor Saw Type MY, Extension Tables for sawbenches MY and AGSm 14" Tilting Arbor Saw Type AGS, 20" Circular Saw Type BCB, 24" Circular Saw Type BLY, 14" Universal Overhead saw Type BCK, Electric Snipper Cross Cut Saw Type BCT, Fret Sawing Machines Types BJS and BVT, 16" bandsaw Type MZF, 24" bandsaw Type BZB, 6" and 9" Hand-feed Planers Type FS, 12" Surface Planer & Jointer Type BJR, Roller-feed Planer & Thicknesser Type UO1/2, Combined Planer & Thicknesser Type UO/S, Vertical Spindle Moulder Type BRS, Double Vertical Spindle Moulder Type BRS/2, Canting Spindle Moulder Type ZA, Hollow Chisel Mortiser type DM, Single End Tenoner Type CV, Vertical Boring Machine Type BLM, Woodturning Lathe Type BZL, Combination Planer, saw and Borer Type QJ, 16" Disc Sander Type BJQ, Hand-operated Straight Knife Grinder Type BNM, Woodwork's Tool Grinder Type BZG, Circular Saw Sharpeners & Gulleters Types BVG and BLV, 10" Cutter Grinder Type BNK, Moulding & Planing Cutter Grinder Type BES and Plane and Moulding Iron Grinder Type BNL. Enlarged from A5 to A4 for easier reading and greater picture detail. 40 pages.


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