Manuals and Catalogues

Print code: MS 484

SCHLATTER (Swiss) PS-80-H Spot and Stitch Welding Machine. Operation Manual with Electrical Schematics and instructions for the "Ignitrons" types 2052, 5551A. 552A, 5553A, 5555 and 5822A

Print code: MS484B

SCHLATTER (Swiss) PAC-14D & PAC-12D Wire-fed Welder. Parts Manual.

Print code: MS484C

SCHLATTER (Swiss) PAC-14D Wire-fed Welder. Installation, Operating and Maintenance Instructions for Contact Welding Automatic with Pneumatic Shaping Device. Includes Electrical Schematics and a manual for the Arter & Co. Mannedorf Variable-speed Control Gear Type "Variator SR".