Manuals and Catalogues

Print code: MT321C

Traub Strohm M205 and M255. Spare Parts as Sectional Drawings. German annotation on text

Print code: MT321CP

TRAUB STROHM M205 and M255. Detailed Instruction Manual together with a separate publication "Special Instructions and Tables" that gives Principle Dimensions, Cam Dimensions, Speed tables, Spare Parts Lists with dimensions of drive belts and specification of Ball bearings, , Headstock Feed Marking Gauges, Rocker Cam Marking Gauge, Marking Gauge for Tool Bits - and others, Tool Layouts, Bell Cam Marking Gauge, etc.

Print code: T1350H

Traub Strohm M75, M105, M125, S75, S105, S125, SJ75, SJ105, SJ125. Precision Sliding Headstock Automatic Lathes. Sales, Accessories and Technical Specification Catalogue. 28 pages.