Manuals and Catalogues

Print code: MT201Y

TOS FGS-50 Knee-type Milling Machine with Ram-Type Spindle. A large Operation and Maintenance Manual with a Parts Manual as sectional drawings and two copies of the detailed and well-illustrated Sales and Technical Specification Catalogues.

Print code: MT204E

Strojimport Twist Drill Grinders BNV 75 and Twist Drill Grinder BNV 80. Operation Manual and Parts Manual as detailed Sectional Drawings.

Print code: MT204F

TOS BN102B Tool & Cutter Grinder. Operation Manual and Parts as useful Sectional Drawings. Includes two electrical schematics, post-production machine accuracy reports and a copy of the maker's detailed, 36-page Sales & Technical Specification Catalogue - the latter with dual English and German text. £85

Print code: T1106HB

TOS FA5BV (Vertical), FA5BH (Horizontal) and FA5BU (Universal) Series Milling Machines. Complete, Detailed Sales, Technical Specification and Accessories Catalogue Collection. 48 pages £48

Print code: T1107Q

TOS FQH-50A Bearbeitungszentrum (Fräse). Vertrieb und Technik Technische Daten und Zubehörkatalog. Deutscher Text 18 Seiten.

Print code: T110FB

TOS FB-40V Vertical Milling Machine. 2-page Sales Sheet.

Print code: T110FC

TOS FC-63V, FC-63H, FV-63-NC Milling Machines. Detailed, well-illustrated Sales and Technical Specification Catalogue that also explains the capabilities of the NS350 NC control system. 24 Pages.


Print code: T110FDD

TOS FD-32 Knee Type Milling Machine. Sales and Technical Specification Catalogue. 8 pages.

Print code: TFV20

TOS SV-20 & SF-20 Milling Machines. Sales and Technical Specification and Accessories Catalogue. 24 pages.