Manuals and Catalogues

Print code: 19579

Sundstrand C-Type late-model Rigidmil. Sales & Specification Catalogs. 20 pages.


Print code: S793

Sundstrand No.00, No.0 & No.1 Rigidmill Milling Machines. Sales & Technical Specifcation Catalogs. 22 pages.

Print code: S793A

Sundstrand General Catalog (1940s/1950s?). Milling machines Rigidmils No.00, No.0, No.1. Electromil No.2, Fluid-screw Rigidmil, Vertical profile Rigidmils, Automatic lathes, Special machines, Centering Machines, Balancing Tools and Special Machines. 16 pages

Print code: S793B

Sundstrand General Catalog (1960-70s?). Automatic Tracer Lathes, Automatic Multi-tool Lathes, Milling Machines,Transfer & Special Machines, Centering Machines, Attachments & Auxiliary Equipment, Multiple Spindle Drilling, Boring & Tapping Machines, Sunstrand-American Vertical Broaching Machines, Wheel Grinders, Precision Abrasive Belt Grinders, and Sanding Machines.  28 pages

Print code: S793C

Sundstrand No.2 Automatic Electromil and Model 33 Fluid-screw Rigidmil. Detailed Sales & Specification Catalogs. 32 pages.

Print code: S793D

Sundstrand No.3-A, 3-C and No.4 Rigidmils. Sales & Specification Catalogs. 14 pages.

Print code: S793E

Sundstrand Model 33 Fluid-screw Rigidmil. Sales & Specification Catalogs. 20 pages.

Print code: S793G

Sundstrand Model 4A Automatic Lathe. Sales & Specification Catalog. 8 pages.

Print code: S793H

Sundstrand Automatic Stub Lathes Models 8, 10 and 12. Sales & Specification Catalog. 20 pages.

Print code: S793J

Sundstrand 4-way Convertible Broaching Machines. Sales & Specification Catalog. 12 pages.

Print code: S793K

Sundstrand No 53 Drilling & Centering Machine. Sales & Specification Catalog. 4 pages.