Manuals and Catalogues

Print code: MW232

Walter Universal Tool and Cutter Grinder Model 3CYS: Comprehensive and highly detailed Instruction Manual including use of accessories. Includes 7 Electrical Schematics.

Print code: MW232A

WALTER Dividing Heads Operating Instructions and Sectional Drawings for the Models UTA80N, UTA100E, UTA125N, UTA15E, UTA160N, UTA200E, UTA200N, UTA250E and UTA320N.

Print code: MW232B

Walter AMS 500 Tool & Cutter Grinder. Detailed Operating Manual with a Hydraulic Schematic, Electrical Schematic, Sectional Drawings, and a copy of the maker's detailed 24-page Sales & Technical Specification catalogue.

Print code: W24W

Walter Tool & Cutter Grinders. A comprehensive, well-illustrated 76-page all-models catalogue showing details of the machines design and construction and giving the full technical specifications for the Type 20, 20AY, 20AZ, 30AY, 30AZ, 30CY, 30CZ, 30QC, 40CY, 40CZ, 40CQ, 50CY, 50CZ, 50CQ,  UWS20, UWS30, UWS30CQ, UWS40, UWS50, Copytronic-501, Helitronic NC and full details of the Walter "Module" system, dust extraction, the numerous different workheads, indexing fixtures, spiral grinding attachments and the very wide range of standard and special equipment. 76 pages