Manuals and Catalogues

Print code: MA732

Atlas 10-inch Lathe and Craftsman 12-inch lathes pre-1957: While the lathe remained basically the same for many years, with identical major components, various specifications were available with Model Numbers that included, over the years: 10-F, 10-D, TA36, TA42, TA48, TA54, TH36, TH42, TH48, TH54, TV36, TV42, TV48, TV54, H36, H42, H48, H54, V36, V42, V48, V54, QC42, QC54, etc. Also covers the UK-made Sphere, Halifax and Acorntools versions.

Print code: MA334

Acorntools (Atlas) 10-inch lathe: A complete data pack of information (including all-known literature) that covers all models, from the first to last. It includes:

Print code: MA334A

Acorntools and Atlas 7" Shaper Instruction and Parts Manual. This is identical to the American Atlas shaper. See: