Super-Tensile Flat Belting

Belts are supplied as a complete kit with the Alligator clips, special joining pins, setting bar and a printed instruction kit. This belt (unlike cheaper alternatives cut from conveyor belts and cheap copies made in India) is enormously strong, UK-made, densely woven and specially designed for machine-tool use. The complete, ready-to-fit package you receive includes:

  • The drive belt is cut to your required length (it's supplied slightly over length so you can cut to the exact size needed)
  • A suitable length of Alligator clip and a connecting pin that will be wide enough to join your belt. If you need additional clips - they're 11 inches long and in size No.15 - they can be ordered below
  • Clear and simple fitting instructions

IMPORTANT: READ the FOLLOWING and if in doubt phone 01298-871633 for advice.

Measuring the length required - don't just measure the old belt, it might have stretched.
*Most - but not all - belt drives have a tensioning mechanism. As all types of belts stretch slightly in service, before measuring set any adjustment so that the pulleys are nearly, but not quite, as close together as possible. Click here if you need additional, detailed advice on finding the right length.

Tensioning systems include

1) one or more jockey pulleys that press on the back of the belt

2) the motor mounted on a hinged or sliding plate - or adjustable rails

3) to set the final tension (after slackening to move the belt from pulley to pulley), an "over-centre" lever with a screwed rod and turn-buckle

Measure using a non-stretch tape e.g. a dress-maker's tape or a long strip of paper. If two people measure independently, mistakes are less likely.

Width: In general belts can be to the full width of the pulley less 1 mm - but if the pulley has flanges reduce the belt width by 4 mm to allow a small gap at each side (if the edge of the belt touches the flange, it will try to ride up it). Click on the down arrow in the width box below to select the one you need. On overseas sales, there is no 20% VAT tax.

The initial price is given per metre. Enter the required length below and click 'Get quote'.

The length of the finished belt in millimetres.
Alternatively, enter the length in decimal inches.
20% VAT£5.20