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Manuals and Catalogues

Print code: MB170

Besco Lightning Bending Roller and Pipe Forming Machine. Single-page Operator's instructions.

Print code: MB170A

Besco Universal Edging, Bending and Folding Machines. Simple 2-side Instruction and Adjustments.

Print code: MB170B

Besco Treadle Guillotines Sizes 6.26 to 42 inches wide. Single-sheet Operating Instructions with blade-setting and blade regrinding advice. 1 page

Print code: ME70

Edwards "Besco": Besco Universal Edging, Bending and Folding Machines. Instructions for adjusting and operating with exploded components drawing. (2 sheets)

Print code: ME70A

Edwards Truefold Edging, Bending & Folding Machines - all Types including Light & Heavy Universal and Box & Pan 218, 316, 412, 414, 416, 612, 614, 616, 812, 814 and 1016. Operator's Instruction and Adjustment Manuals.

Print code: ME70B

Edwards "Besco" Truefold Box and Pan Folder Models 218, 316, 416 and 616. Instruction Manual including General Arrangement Drawing.

Print code: ME70C

Edwards Besco All-Steel Folding machine Mk.2 Recognisable by the two oval-shaped, heavy weights supported on rods at each end of the machine. Operating instructions.

Print code: ME70C/H

Edwards Truefold "Heavy Type" Folding Machines. Operator's Instruction and Adjustment Manual.

Print code: ME71F

Edwards "Besco" Truecut 698 Guillotine. Instruction Manual including Parts Listing and 6 Blueprints.

Print code: ME71G

EDWARDS BESCO-TRUECUT 4/08, 3/08 to 10/25 Electro-Mechanical Guillotines.Two Instruction Manuals including Parts Listings, Mechanical and Electrical drawings and the Warner Clutch Service Instructions.

Print code: ME71H

Edwards "Besco" Truecut 4-125 Guillotines Data Pack.

Print code: ME71J

Edwards "Besco" Truecut 808 Guillotine. Instruction Manual including Parts Listing and a blueprint showing the "Key Drawings" referred to in the Manual.