Manuals and Catalogues

Print code: ME71M

EDWARDS TRUECUT DD (Direct Drive) Guillotines sometimes marked "600" - which just means made when owned by the "600 Machine Tool Group". A complete and comprehensive data pack with Operator's Instructions, Maintenance and Spare Parts as Exploded Component Drawings. Covers early and late examples (two manuals are included) and the different drive systems of the 2.5/1250, 2.5/2000, 2.5/2500, 2.5/3000, 3.25/1250, 3.25/2000, 2/3000 2.5/2500, 2.5/3000, 2.5/3600 etc.

Print code: MC156B

Cincinnati HME OP Range Power Presses 20, 30, 40, 55, 75 and 100 tons. Service Manual with Parts Manual as Exploded Component Drawings. HME  Presses were manufactured by Horden, Mason & Edwards Ltd. and eventually branded as Cincinnati

Print code: ME70

Edwards "Besco": Besco Universal Edging, Bending and Folding Machines. Instructions for adjusting and operating with exploded components drawing. (2 pages)

Print code: ME70A

Edwards Truefold Edging, Bending & Folding Machines - Data Pack of Operator's Instructions and Adjustment Manuals. All Types including Light & Heavy Universal and Box & Pan 218, 316, 412, 414, 416, 612, 614, 616, 812, 814 and 1016. Includes an early 2-page edition as well.

Print code: ME70B

Edwards "Besco" Truefold Box and Pan Folder Models 218, 316, 416 and 616. Instruction Manual including General Arrangement Drawing.

Print code: ME70C

Edwards Besco All-Steel Folding machine Mk.2 Recognisable by the two oval-shaped, heavy weights supported on rods at each end of the machine. Operating instructions.

Print code: ME70C/H

Edwards Truefold "Heavy Type" Folding Machines. Operator's Instruction and Adjustment Manual.

Print code: ME70D

Edwards Bending Roll TRH/26. Instruction Manual with large Schematic Drawing and Parts List.

Print code: ME70E

Edwards Bending Roll ESMB. Instruction Manual with large Installation Drawing and Parts List.

Print code: ME71F

Edwards "Besco" Truecut 698 Guillotine. Instruction Manual including Parts Listing and 6 Blueprints.

Print code: ME71G

EDWARDS BESCO-TRUECUT 4/08, 3/08 to 10/25 Electro-Mechanical Guillotines.Two Instruction Manuals including Parts Listings, Mechanical and Electrical drawings and the Warner Clutch Service Instructions.

Print code: ME71H

Edwards "Besco" Truecut Guillotines Data Pack.

Print code: ME71J

Edwards "Besco" Truecut 808 Guillotine. Instruction Manual including Parts Listing and a blueprint showing the "Key Drawings" referred to in the Manual.

Print code: ME71K

EDWARDS Pearson. Late-type "TRUECUT" SHEARING MACHINES (Branded with a "600 Group Logo) Models from 2/3000 to 4/4000 for Europe and 14GA to 8GA for North America. Detailed Operator's Instruction and Service Manual with Parts manual as Exploded Component Drawings.

Print code: ME71MB

Edwards Truecut DD - Large drawings of the DD covering: Back Gauge; Front Gauge, Installation, General Arrangement, General Arrangement of the Hold Down Pneumatic Lift Off, Electrical blue print.