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British Federal

Manuals and Catalogues

Print code: 13158

Installation and Operation Instructions for the Pedal Operated Spot Welder with W/6 Timer.

Print code: 13160

British Federal - Instructions for a Spot Welder with Safety Air Circuit. Comprehensive manual. Includes instructions for the TC50/1 and TC100/1 thyristor contactors.

Print code: 13161

British Federal - Installation, Operating and Servicing Instructions for the RPS 20A Spot Welder. Includes electrical diagrams and instructions for completing various types of jobs.

Print code: MB550

British Federal Motor Driven Stitch Welder. Operating Instructions (2 set) with S4SW/1 Sequence-weld timer and ignition contactor ICBC/1 Maker's Sales and Specification Folders.

Print code: MB550A

British Federal Pneumatically Operated Spot Welder. Operating Manual (2 set) with a separate manual for the Type S4SW/1 Sequence-weld Timer and another for the Ignition Contactor Type ICBC/1.