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Print code: C360

CLEMENT Watchmakers' Lathes (USA): very rare Watchmaker's Lathe Sales Booklet. 1923. Salvaged by being sandwiched between glass sheets and scanned. Not all pages are complete, some are very fragmented - but, what a remarkably eccentric production. 26 pages

Print code: C360A

Clement watchmakers' Lathes: Sales Catalogue and Price Lists showing the standard Type WW lathe, Pivot polisher, the Combined Lathe Attachment and the Clement Manufacturing Lathe. 8 pages

Print code: C360B

Clement Watchmakers' Lathes: 1927 Catalogue with "blueprint" showing improvements to the lathe. 12 pages.

Print code: C360C

Clement Watchmakers' Lathes: "Combined Lathe Attachment" three publications: a brochure illustrating the multi-purpose attachment - including the swing-tailstock jewelling attachment  - for watchmaker's lathes (20 pages) and two editions (46 pages) of "The Use of Lathe Attachments Particularly the Clement Combined Lathe Attachment" (one with two photographic parts lists)

Print code: C360D

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