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Manuals and Catalogues

Print code: MA458A

Agemaspark Eurospark H425 (also badged as Hurco) Spark Erosion Machine. Comprehensive Operator's Instruction and Technical Maintenance Manual with Electrical Schematics. Includes the Manual for the Eurospark Precision Pulse generators Type AP50-10 and AP10.

Print code: MA458B

Agemaspark Eurospark F500 Spark Erosion Machine. Operating Instructions and Electrical Diagrams.

Print code: MA458BX

AGEMASPARK Eurospark H550 AGEMA Spark Erosion Machine with Pulse generator AP50-10C. Operating Instructions and Electrical Diagrams.

Print code: MA458C

Agemaspark Eurospark 740 with Pulse generator 50A. Operating Instructions.

Print code: MA458X

Agemaspark Eurospark H400-P20 and H400-P with Pulse generator AP50 Operating Instructions.

Print code: MA458Z

AGEMASPARK Eurospark F400-P20 Spark Erosion Machine. Operating and Maintenance Manual with Electrical Diagrams