Manuals and Catalogues

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Fobco Drills; There never was a "Manual" for the Fobco drills but we have put together a "Guide to Dismantling" for the "Star", together with a collection of Technical Sales Catalogues and Sectional Parts Drawings for all models will be helpful owners of the 1/2" and 7-Eight and 10-Eight models.

Fobco Parts

Quill-return spring for Fobco 7-Eight and 10-Eight models - the maker's original part and not to be confused with the thin, fewer-coil and inferior type sometimes advertised on ebay....

The correct fitting chuck for the Foco Star drill with the "fixed chuck" arrangement. Minimum holding capacity 1.5mm, maximum holding capacity 16 mm.

Fobco 7/8 and 10/8 Drills Drive Belt: This is a European-made, high-quality, machine-tool grade belt with an invisible joint that, unlike cheap imports, does not bump as it goes...