Model: Star

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Print code: G180

Granville Lathes: no manual was ever issued (but see below) but the complete set of known Catalogues for this make is available: "Star" Sales, Specification & Accessories: 13 pages. "Senior" 3.5" and 4" Models - two Sales, Specification & Accessories publications: 12 pages. "Senior" 3.5" Model. Publicity booklet issued by the makers: 3 pages.

To help with Granville I'd recommend the following book: "The Amateurs Lathe".


Print code: ME116D

ELB Surface Grinder Model STAR 35-VA-1-Z. Operator's Instruction and Maintenance Manual. Includes Heidenhain LS701 DRO Manual, EXE-600 Pulse Shaping Electronics and Siemens Servomotor 1HU305 Instructions.

Print code: ME353

Emcostar and "Emco-Rex" (Emco Star) Combination Woodworking Machine: Comprehensive Instruction and Maintenance Book with Parts Manual as Exploded Component Diagrams with Electrical Schematics. Includes 2 full editions, early and late.

Print code: ME353A

Emcostar Super Combination Woodworking Machine. Instruction Manual with Parts Manual as exploded component pictures and wiring diagrams for 1-phase and 3-phase supply.

Print code: ME353C

Emco Star and Emco-Rex 2000 (EMCO STAR) Combination Woodworking Machine. Instruction Manual and Parts as exploded component pictures. German Text.

Print code: MF70

Fobco Drills; There never was a "Manual" for the Fobco drills but we have put together a "Guide to Dismantling" for the "Star", together with a collection of Technical Sales Catalogues and Sectional Parts Drawings for all models will be helpful owners of the 1/2" and 7-Eight and ten/eight models.

Print code: MS513

Seneca Falls "Star" Lathe 14" to 20" range Operator's Instruction Manual and Replacement Parts Manual. This is a useful though "generic" publication - and was also the one that the company sent out when enquiries were made about their older machines.

Print code: MS513A/S156B

Seneca Falls "Star" Lathes: catalogue No. 27 but containing a photographic Parts Manual of the 1920s range of lathes and Threading Charts.

Print code: S156

Seneca Falls (USA) "Star" Lathes Sales & Technical Specification Catalogue No.20B. A rare early Catalogue from circa 1905.

Print code: S156A

SENECA FALLS (USA) "Star" Lathes Sales & Technical Specification Catalogue No.24B complete with price lists dated 1911 & 1913. This interesting Catalogue is unusual in showing the short-lived geared-head lathes, wood and speed lathes missing from later editions. 56 pages.

Print code: S156B

SENECA FALLS "Star" Lathes: Catalogue No.27 with Parts Lists & Threading Charts. About 1920 55 pages.

Print code: S156C

SENECA FALLS "Star" Lathes: Catalogue No.28 (large format) About 1925 24 pages.

Print code: S156D

SENECA FALLS "Star" Lathes: Catalogue No.32 (large format) with factory letter dated 1936 18 pages. £25

Parts for model: Star

Quill-return spring for Fobco "Star" bench and floor models

This is a European-made, high-quality, machine-tool grade belt with an invisible joint that, unlike cheap imports, does not bump as it goes round the pulleys and ensures the smoothest possible...