George Alexander

Manuals and Catalogues

Print code: MA500A

Alexander (George Alexander GHA) Pantograph Engraving and Die-Sinking Machines Nos. "1", "1A", "1B", "1-2", "2", "2A", "2B" and "3A" and 3 Series. These engravers were copies of contemporary Deckel machines - all based on the Deckel G1L. Detailed Operator's Instructions with sectional drawings of all the cutter heads (these have been scanned at high resolution and enlarged to full-page size).

Print code: MA500B

Alexander - Deckel  (George Alexander GHA) Universal Die-Sinking and Engraving Machines Parts Manual as detailed Sectional Drawings for Models: 1A, 1B, 1BS, 2, 2A, 3A, 3AS and No. 1 "Standard" and No. 2 "Deep-throat" (based on the Deckel G1L). The sectional drawings for the various spindles have been enlarged to full-page size.

Print code: MA500E

George Alexander GHA Universal Die-Sinking and Engraving Machines. Not a manual but a detailed "Technical" Sales and Specification and Specification Catalogue that contains useful operating data, charts and details of the complete accessory range and how to mount it - includes two additional separate Sales and Specification and Specification sheets.

Print code: MA500EL

Alexander (George Alexander GHA) Triple Twelve Power Saw. Electrical Schematic. The maker's original copy was poor but this has been scanned at high resolution, enlarged to A3 and printed on one - and also two split sheets to improve clarity. The full Operation and Parts Manual can be ordered below.

Print code: MA500F

Alexander, (George Alexander, GHA) Die and Mould Production Handbook. Slim but useful guide to using Diesinking and Engraving Machines with examples of how to mount and employ the various accessories: Spacing Piece, cam Forming Arm, Rotary table, Swivel Vice, Etching Pencil and Transformer, Auxiliary Work tables, Cylinder and Roller Engraving Devices, G.H.A. Dividing Machine, Optical Dividing Head, conversion to Milling Head on the Engraver etc.

Print code: MA500G

Alexander (George Alexander GHA) 2CGD Tool and Cutter Grinder (a copy of the Deckel Model "SO" and SOE). Including:
Early and late manuals for the simpler SO model together with the full manual for the more complex and versatile SOE.
A copy of the maker's Sales and Accessories Catalogue and all the relevant extracts from the Deckel Technical Bulletins.

Print code: MA500K

Alexander (George Alexander GHA) Triple Twelve Power Saw. Operator's & Maintenance Manual together with a Parts Manual as Exploded Component Drawings, and Electrical and Hydraulic Schematics. This publication is as issued by the makers with each new machine.

Print code: MA501K

Alexander (George Alexander GHA) T.320 Horizontal Band saw. Operator's Instruction and Maintenance Manual.