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Ghiringhelli and Pisoni

Manuals and Catalogues

Print code: MG500

Ghiringhelli and Pisoni (GP) Centreless Grinders. A General Guide for all Models with work examples using infeed (plunge), overhang and through-feed methods. Work supports, Lubrication recommendations, basic Maintenance, wheel balancing, workrest height adjustment, grinding wheel changeover, grinding errors and their likely causes, etc.

Print code: MG500A

Ghiringhelli and Pisoni (GP) M65, M100, M120, M200, M250, M2100 Centreless Grinding Machines. Operator's Instruction and Maintenance Manual and a Parts Manual as Exploded-component Drawings. English and Italian Text.

Print code: MG500D

GHIRINGHELLI and PISONI (GP) A45, A50, A60 and N170  Centreless Grinding Machines. Instruction Book with electrical schematics. £75

Print code: MG500E

GHIRINGHELLI and PISONI (GP) Model 100 Type D1 + M.I.A. Centreless Grinding Machines. Electrical Instruction Book with electrical schematics. £55


Print code: MG500F

GHIRINGHELLI and PISONI (GP) Model A50 Centreless Grinding Machine. Operation Manua with an Electrical Schematic.

Print code: MG500G

GHIRINGHELLI and PISONI (GP) Static Electrical Converter (Convertitore Statico) Type D.I. + M.I.A. Model 200. Operation Instructions with Electrical Schematics and Component Details.