Manuals and Catalogues

Print code: MW255C

 Heckert (WMW & Union) FU-250 and FW250 Vertical Millers. Data Pack supplied with new machines including an "Electrical Manual" and two electrical schematics.

Print code: MW255

Heckert (WMW) BR 40 x 1250 Radial Arm Drill (also badged as the WMW, VEB, Union, Bowes and AMK). Basic Operating Manual with Parts Repair Manual as Sectional Drawings and Photographs.

Print code: MW255A

Heckert (WMW) FW and FU 315, FW.400, FW.400V plus FW and FU 315, 400 and 400V1 Millers. Installation and Operator's Instruction Manual with Sectional Drawings and Electrical Drawings. This edition is for the older models with logic controllers.

Print code: MW255B

Heckert (WMW) Vertical Miller Model FSS 400 x 1600/V1. Installation, Operator's Instruction Manual and Maintenance Manual with a number of useful Sectional Drawings including Spindle Brake, Vertical Head, clutches, anti-backlash nut, gearing layout, etc.

Print code: MW255E

Heckert (WMW & UNION) FU-250-1000 and FW250-1000 Vertical Millers. 2 large Electrical Drawings.