Manuals and Catalogues

Print code: H125

Heid Lathes - Catalogue Collection covering the D400 General-purpose lathe; the DN22, DN26, DN35 and DN40 Heavy-duty High-speed lathes; Copier Lathe (Kopier Hinterdrehen); the Electrical Tracer Control Unit and the Universal Relieving Device. English, French and German Text. 57 pages (some translation duplicates)

Print code: MH320

Heid DZKRSV-NC Lathe: Erection and Installation Manual.

Print code: MH320A

Heid DZKR-LI Lathe: Detailed Operating Manual with Electrical Schematics.

Print code: MH320B

Heid DZKR-LI Lathe: Spare Parts Manual as Sectional Drawings.

Print code: MH320C

Heid DZKR-LI Lathe: Instructions for Machining Layouts and Notched Programme Bars for automated production lathes equipped with LI Control.

Print code: MH320D

Heid K-18 Lathe, KR-18 and KH-18 Lathes (Models with Universal Copying, Turret Tailstock and Relieving). Instruction and Maintenance Manual with Electrical Schematics Manual

Print code: MH72E

Heid DLZK-400 Lathe: Operating Instructions with useful Sectional Drawings, Electrical Schematics and copies of the frequently damaged screwcutting and power feed charts. Includes a copy of the maker's Sales, Technical Specification and Accessories Catalogue for the Series 400 lathes consisting of the DLZ400, DZ400, DLZK400 and DZK400.

Print code: MH72F

Heid MSO Cylindrical Grinding Machine. Operating Instructions.

Print code: MH72G

Heid K26 Lathe - Multipurpose type with Copying. A closely written booklet explaining all details of the lathe's mechanical arrangements and working principles.

Print code: MH72H

HEID DNK 26-32 Lathe. Operating Instructions with Electrical Schematic and reproductions of the screwcutting and feed charts. The basic lathe was offered in five versions: DN25 multi-purpose; K26 Multi-purpose copying; R26 Multi-purpose with turret tailstock, H26 Multi-purpose with Relieving Attachment and KH26 Multi-purpose with Relieving and Copying Attachments. The manual covers all versions.