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Model: K

This page displays all the content on the website associated with the 'K' model. Numeric models include all prefixes, such as 'Number', 'Mark', 'Size' etc.

Manuals for Model: K

Print code: A828

ARUNDEL. Compendium of all known data including Sales and Specification Catalogues for the Models K, K450, K450HD, K600, M230, M300, J3, J4, E5, E5R and a Test Review of the M230 lathe and details of other equipment factored by the company. 48 pages. £25

Print code: D120D

DeVlieg Spiramatic Jigmils late 1960s Models 2B-36, 3H-48, 3H-72, 43H-48, 43H-72 and K Series. Sales and Technical Specification Catalogue with Accessories: 18
detailed pages.

Print code: D120F

DeVlieg Spiramatic Jigmils. Three catalogs for the  Types H, Types J and Types K. Sales and Technical Specification Catalogues with Accessories. 30 pages

Print code: F80

FORTUNA Power Hacksaw, Bandsaws, Pipe Benders and Winches Catalogue circa 1910 to 1930 showing the full range of models made - these changing little over several decades and identical to the early models from the German Company Klaeger-Fortuna . 16 pages.

Print code: L200C

Leinen Sort-bed lathes Models Sales & Technical Specification Catalogue (No. Kw324E) . Models include: K, L, M, KW, LW, MW, KR, LR, MR, KA, LA, MA, KAR, LAR, MAR, KH, LH, MH, KHR, LHR, MHR & Stands & Accessories. 8 pages. £25

Print code: MD379C

DeVlieg K-Series Jigmil: Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual This is the much larger and more detailed edition covering: specification, description, Installation and preparation for operation, operating the Jigmil, maintenance, tool changer, accessories, arrangement drawings, electrical system (but not circuit diagrams), DC Drive Jigmils. Covers all K Models (3K-48, 3K-72, 3K-60, 4K-60, 4K-72, 5K-60, 5K-72, etc, where the first digit is the spindle diameter and the second number the table length).

Print code: MD379D

DeVlieg K Series JIGMILS - Huge Parts Manual as Detailed Sectional Drawings Printed enlarged to A3. In addition to the major parts, it also includes sections on Hydraulic Schematics, Bar-feed Unit, Electric Controls, Spindle Head Elevating Units and the Feed Unit, Table Unit, Saddle Unit and Coolant Unit. Covers all K types. e.g. 3K-48, 3K-72, 3K-60, 3K-72, 4K-60, 4K-72, 5K-72, etc. where the first number is the spindle diameter and the second the table length.

Print code: MD379DK

DeVlieg "Contouring K" a Supplement to the K Series Machines. Manual. Operation, Maintenance and Parts as Sectional Drawings. Includes Hydraulic Schematics.

Print code: MH320D

Heid K-18 Lathe, KR-18 and KH-18 Lathes (Models with Universal Copying, Turret Tailstock and Relieving). Instruction and Maintenance Manual with Electrical Schematics Manual

Print code: MH620A

Hitachi Seiki Model K Milling Machine: Operator's Instruction Manual

Print code: MH876A

Huron (Leon Hure) Type K, KM and KU Milling Machines - all Models: Detailed Operator's Instruction and Maintenance Manual including head-angle setting charts and a wiring diagram. Covers the main machine and all the accessories including: powered rotary tables, milling heads, dividing heads and with a Parts Manual as Exploded Components Diagrams.

Print code: MH876E/H821A

Huron Milling Machines: Wonderful 100-page Catalogue showing the full range of millers and Accessories as current through the 1940s to 1950s. machines include: "K", "KU", "KVC", KVCAO", "KVP", "KH", "KVR", "KUR", "KHR", "LR", 2-LUR", and "L". Many explanatory drawings accompany each entry and there are copious photographs and explanations of difficult and complex jobs being set up and machined.

Print code: MK170R

Kearney and Trecker Model K Milling Machines Plain Horizontal, Universal, Vertical. Replacement Parts Manual with Exploded Component and Sectional Diagrams.

Print code: MM240B

Messer Griesheim Statosec "K Junior" Universal Flame Cutting Machine: Detailed Operating Manual.

Print code: MM420K

Monarch K Series Lathe. Operation Manual and Illustrated Parts Manual as sectional drawings and photographs.

Print code: MM508E

Multico Model K Morticer. Instruction Manual with Parts as Exploded Component Drawings.

Print code: MT100A

Taylor Hobson Model K Pantograph Engraver and Light Profiling Machine. Data Pack consisting of: Operator's Instruction and Maintenance and a Parts Manual with Exploded and Sectional Drawings. Also includes a copy of the maker's early and late Sales & Specification Catalogues.

Print code: T116

TAYLOR HOBSON Pantograph Engravers: Sales & Technical Specification Catalogues that cover the Company's Models C, CB, CX, CXL, JH, A, D, NH, K, Model K Mk.2 and the "Pantograph Milling & Diesinking Machine" 50 pages.

Print code: T116

Taylor Hobson: a collection of individual Sales and Technical Specification Catalogues that cover the entire range of post 1930 Pantograph Engravers as made until the 1970s:
Model A early; Model A late; Models C, CX and CXL; Model D early; Model D late; Model JH early; Model JH late; Model K Mk.1; Model K Mk.2 early; Model K Mk.2 late; the special Taylor Hobson inclinable dividing head and the "Pantograph Milling and Diesinking Machine"; 52 pages.