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Machine Tool Archive on a 32 Gig Pendrive (the order box says CD-ROM but you receive a Pendrive). In response to many requests, a complete copy of the Machine Tool Archive (and all other sections of the website) is now available with thousands of pages and pictures, over 1700 articles and around 18 Gig of data. The whole site is instantly accessible, the pictures load immediately and the hyperlinks work as if on-line.

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Adjustable boring bar to suit a small lathe


Boxford Lathe Tumble Reverse Gear - Late Models
This gear is for all Models after Serial Serial No. 11-13513 - the introduction of the Mk.2 Models that have a...

Emco V10 & V10P output gear for the changewheel drive. 45 teeth, 2-pin steel hub. Original Part Number: C3Z-011-060

Boxford and South Bend Lathes: Metric to inch screwcutting conversion gear 127/135T

Raglan "5-inch" Tumble-reverse gear. This gear has 26 teeth in cast iron - UK-made. If in doubt about which Raglan lathe you have, check our article here: ...