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Machine Tool Archive on an 16 GB Pen Drive. In response to many requests a complete copy of the Machine Tool Archive (and all other sections of the web site) is now available on an SD card with over 1600 articles and around 9 Gig of data. The whole site is instantly accessible, the pictures load immediately and the hyperlinks work as if on-line. Copy to your hard drive - and keep the card as a backup, or use it for something else.

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Sorry, currently sold out: Myford Drummond M-Type chuck backplate. 4-inch (100 mm) diameter with a 1-inch x 12 t.p.i. thread. Fully machined and...

Myford ML8 wood lathe chuck backplate. 4-inch diameter (100 mm) in cast iron. UK made and fully machined ready to fit the inward-facing end of the headstock spindle.

Boxford Tumble-reverse gears from Serial No. 11-13513 - the introduction of the Mk.2 Models with a single lever on the top of the headstock to engage the backgears. The tumble gears have 32 teeth...

Boxford lathe Tumble Reverse Gear Early Models

This gear is for all Models prior to Serial Serial No. 11-13513 - the introduction of the Mk.2 Models that have a single lever on top of the...

Clips for round leather belts.