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Machine Tool Archive on a 16 Gig Pen Drive. In response to many requests, a complete copy of the lathes.co.uk Machine Tool Archive (and all other sections of the web site) is now available with over 1600 articles and around 12 Gig of data. The whole site is instantly accessible, the pictures load immediately and the hyperlinks work as if on-line. Copy to your hard drive - and keep the card as a backup, or use it for something else.

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Emco V10 & V10P output gear for the changewheel drive. 45 teeth, 2-pin steel hub. Original Part Number: C3Z-011-060

OUT of STOCK Tumble-reverse gear to fit the Mk. 1 and Mk. 2 Raglan "Little John" lathes. These gears have 30 teeth. If...

Raglan "5-inch" Tumble-reverse gear. This gear has 26 teeth and is the original type in fibre, not as illustrated is cast iron - very limited stock. If in doubt about which...

No.3 Morse taper rotating centre: A heavy, large-bodied unit idea for use on Colchester Bantam, Student, Master, Triumph and similar 5.5 inch to 8-inch lathes such as the Harrison...

No.1 Morse taper tailstock rotating centre - suitable for wood or metal lathes.

For a No.2 Morse taper rotating centre see:...