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Manuals and Catalogues

Print code: ML97

Levin Lathes - Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual. Includes a catalog showing the lathes and accessories 1973 through 1978. 

Print code: ML97A

LEVIN LATHES - Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual and Data Pack. LEVIN (USA) Precision lathes: Full Lathe & Accessory Catalogue. Dated 1950. 32 pages. LEVIN (USA) Precision lathes: Full Lathe & Accessory Catalog. Dated 1954. 36 pages. This is the first of the improved "glossy-photograph" editions. LEVIN (USA) Lathe Accessories, Heavy-duty Slide Rests, Circular Saws, Collets, Turret Tooling, Micro Drilling, Micro Drills. Publication circa 1960. 12 pages. LEVIN (USA) Price Lists: 1950, 1953 and 1958.12 pages.