Model: 550H

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Manuals for Model: 550H

Print code: K450C

KLOPP Shapers and Vertical Slotters. Probably the best descriptive literature on any make of shaper - this is a Catalogue Collection including a 22-page Full Range, well-illustrated and detailed Technical Specification and Accessories Brochure showing the Shapers Models 375, 450, 550, 625, 725, 850, 1200 HS and the Vertical Slotters Types SK250, SK500 and SK700. Also includes an 8-page Klopp Shaper Catalogue giving additional technical background and data for the 450H, 550H, 650H, 750H, 850H, 1000H, and 100 H/S.

Print code: MB456A

Bridgeport BPC HMC-550H Production Centre. Maintenance Manual.

Print code: MB456AP

Bridgeport BPC HMC-550H Production Centre. Parts Manual.

Print code: MB456B

Bridgeport BPC MHC-550H Production Centre with FANUC 0MA and 0MB Control with Digital Servo Drives (X, Y, Z & B) Detailed Electrical Test and Set-up Procedures. Includes Parameters for Initial power-up. This appears to be the only electrical data for the BPC550H and was obtained from Mr Wardle, a Bridgeport service engineer.

Print code: MB456C

Bridgeport BPC HMC-550H Fanuc OMA Control with Digital servo Drives Electrical Test and Set Up Procedures. Includes Parameters for Initial power up.

Print code: MB456D

Bridgeport BPC 520V (Fanuc 11M) PC Ladder Diagram together with BPC 550H Fanuc OM-B/C: PC Ladder Diagram