Model: 90

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Manuals for Model: 90

Print code: A834A

Astra (CST) Slotting machines 6-inch, 8-inch and Models 90, 110, 240 and 360. Sales and Specification Catalogues.

Print code: MC460

Cowells 90 Lathes. Detailed and interesting Operation & Maintenance Manual with Parts as Exploded Component Drawings. Covers all versions.

Print code: MK462B

Kennedy Miniature Hacksaws Models 60 and 90. All the Sales & Technical Specification Catalogues with Operating, set-up and general maintenance instructions.

Print code: MS810

Sparcatron SPF Pulse Generators Models 60/90/120/150 and 180 Hand book.

Print code: MW215

WAHLI 90 Gear-cutting Machine. A two-part Manual: 1) For Sarting up, Setting and maintenance and 2) a detailed Operator's Instruction and Maintenance Manual with an Electrical Schematic and a number of useful Sectional Drawings.

Print code: MW215A

Wahli 90 Gear-cutting Machine. Parts Manual as Sectional Drawings

90 Parts

For the more common Kennedy "Hexacut" Model 60 hacksaw the flat belt is normally 1" (25 mm) wide and 21.8" long (554 mm) - however, because the...