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Cowells 90 Lathes. Detailed and interesting Operation & Maintenance Manual with Parts as Exploded Component Drawings. Covers all versions.

For Sale & Wanted

Cowells 90ME Precision Miniature Lathe back geared and screwcutting and mounted on the maker's self-contained cabinet stand with a halogen light unit. The lathe is exceptionally well equipped with a fitted 5-drawer unit holding a range of genuine maker's accessories that includes

Asking price: £2,750.00
Location: United Kingdom

Cowells Miniature Precision Vertical Miller. Fitted with the maker's original variable-speed drive system, a high-quality, English-made Parvalux 1/6 h.p., continuously-rated DC motor that can be varied from 40 to 4000 r.p.m. with positive drive by a toothed belt.

Asking price: £1,750.00
Location: United Kingdom

Cowells 90CW - a special version of the Cowells lathe designed primarily for use by clock and watchmakers with a hardened spindle and opposed bronze-bearing headstock. Very careful use by one owner from new and in pristine condition.

Asking price: £2,500.00
Location: United Kingdom