Model: AS

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Manuals for Model: AS

Print code: MB145E

Bechler Type AS Automatic Lathes. Detailed Operator's Instruction and Maintenance Manual.

Print code: MB145F

Bechler Type AS and AR Automatic Lathes. Headstock Spindle Brake Instruction Manual.

Print code: MB145L

Bechler AR and AS Lathe Thread-chasing Attachment. Detailed Instructions for Setting.

Print code: MB145M

Bechler Automatic Loader "Multibar" for AS, AR and BR Lathes. Detailed Instruction Manual with Electrical schematics.

Print code: MB145N

Bechler AS and AR Lathes. 3-spindle Counter-combined Threading, Centring and Drilling Attachment Type 52-039 Detailed Instruction Manual for both the single and twin-belt types.

Print code: MB145T

Bechler AS and AR Lathes Milling and Slotting Attachment Type 52-040. Operating Instructions.

Print code: MK318P

Kearns-Richards (also found badged Staveley) "Electrabore" Boring and Facing machine.
Operator's Instruction and basic Maintenance Manual together with a detailed Sales & Technical Specification Catalogue. Comprises two manuals in one covering both early and late machines ("round" and "angular" styling) and all sizes (A, B, C and D) and Versions: T, S, W, O, e.g. some being marked AT, BT, CT, ATX, ATY, ATZ, BTX, BTY, BTZ, CTZ, CTY, CTZ, AS, BS, CS, TA30, TB40, TC50, TC60, WA30/72, WB40/84, WB40/102, WC50/144, WC60/144, WC50/168, YA35, YB50, YC60, XA35, XB50, XC60, etc.

Print code: MR755

Rusch Band Saw HBSA-1 and AS-250: Operating Instructions with Parts as Detailed Sectional Drawings. Includes a manual for the Stober Variable-speed Drive Motor-gearbox Unit