Model: Full-range

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Manuals for Model: Full-range

Print code: C498

Cooksley Woodworking Machinery. Complete (well-illustrated and described) Full-range Catalogue including Sawbences, Circular Saws Rise and Fall Tables, Crosscutting and Trenching Machines,Bandsaws, Planing and Rebating Machines, Surface Planers, Universal Woodworkers, Thicknessing Machines, Planing and Thicknessing Machines, Hollow Chisel Mortising and Boring Machines, Chain and Hollow Chisel Mortishing Machines, Spindle Moulders, Belt Sanders, Lathes, Floor Sanding Machines, Tool and Cutter Grinder, Scroll and Jig Sawing Machines and Accessories. 40 Pages

Print code: L90

LeBlond: Complete Range Sales & Technical Specification Catalogue 1947.
Includes Heavy Duty Geared Head Lathes 12", 14", 16", 18", 20", 25", 32", 40", and 50".
Tool Room Lathes 12", 14", 16", and 18".
Dual-Drive Lathe, Hollow Spindle Lathes 16", 18", 27", and 30".
Sliding Bed lathes 18"-38", 25"-50", and 32"-60".
Plain Gab-bed Lathes 12", 14", 16", 18", 20", 25". and 32".
Regal lathes all sizes.
Rapid Production Lathes 13", 17", and 20".
Automatic Lathes 12" and 16".

Print code: L91

L91 LeBlond: A superb,  well-illustrated Complete Range Catalogue early 1950s showing lathes
as made from around 1946 to the late 1950s. Includes Heavy-duty Engine, Tool Room,
Dual Drive, Sliding Gap bed, Hollow Spindle, rapid production, Regal Models, Turret,
Automatic, Crankshaft, Universal Crankshaft, Important Features, Accessories, Attachments,
Drive Systems and the Cutter Grinder 103 pages.

Print code: S154G

Sebastian full-range Lathe Catalogue No. 22 from February 1918 showing the 13, 14 and 15-inch models. 16 pages.

See: for other Sebastian literature

Print code: S770A

STOREBRO BRUKS AKTIEBOLAG Full-range Lathes Sales and Technical
Specification Catalogue. 10 pages.