Model: Little John Mk 2

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Manuals for Model: Little John Mk 2

Print code: MR15

Raglan "Little John" Mk. 1 & Mk. 2. A complete data pack consisting of the Operator's Handbooks, Illustrated Parts Manuals, Accessories Lists and a wiring diagram for both Dewhurst and Stanton switches. There are three Manuals in the set: the first for the Mk.1 (a publication with limited though interesting technical data - including the correct screwcutting charts for the Mk. 1 and Mk2 and the metric screwcutting transposing set-up) and two editions (one early, one late with complementary information) for the Mk. 2 as well as an illustrated Parts Lists.

Little John Mk 2 Parts

OUT of STOCK  Diameter: 160 mm 6.3" 1.75" x 6 tpi square thread