Manuals and Catalogues

Print code: MR15

Raglan "Little John" Mk. 1 & Mk. 2. A complete data pack consisting of the Operator's Handbooks, Illustrated Parts Manuals, Accessories Lists and a wiring diagram for both Dewhurst and Stanton switches. There are three Manuals in the set: the first for the Mk.1 (a publication with limited though interesting technical data - including the correct screwcutting chart for the Mk. 1) and two editions (one early, one late with complimentary information) for the Mk. 2 as well as illustrated Parts Lists.

Print code: MR15B

Raglan "5-Inch" Lathe - the late model with a smooth, rounded-edge headstock cover and a hinge-open changewheel over. Operator's Manual, Illustrated Parts Manual. Includes Sales and Specification and Accessories Catalogues and Special Screwcutting Supplement. The lathe can be seen here: http://www.lathes.co.uk/raglan

Print code: MR15C

Raglan Vertical Miller. Basic Hand book with some dimensioned Parts Drawings and a detailed Sectional drawing through the machine.

Print code: MR15C

Raglan Loughborough Training Lathe. Instruction Manual and Parts Manual as Sectional Drawings together with three Sales Sheets, two for the standard lathe an another for the "Second Operation and Capstan Model"  Details of the Loughborough can be seen here

Print code: MR15D

 Raglan Capstan Lathe. Operator's manual with Parts as Sectional Drawings

Raglan Parts

Raglan "5-inch" Lathe - the upper top slide casting (a picture of this model here). It is not uncommon for this slide to snap in two...

The upper top slide casting for the Raglan Little John lathe. It is not uncommon for this slide to snap in two across the front edge of the T-slot. Machined complete ready to fit...

Raglan Vertical Milling Machine - the correct variable-speed drive belt.

Raglan Little John Mk.1 and Mk.2 rack-pinion gear - the gear that engages with the bed-mounted rack. This gear has a single-diameter shaft with a Woodruff key slot and a machined...

9-inch cast-iron faceplates made in the UK. Fully machined and ready to fit. 6 tpi thread of 1.75 inch diameter.