Model: Super 7

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Manuals for Model: Super 7

Print code: MM536A

Myford Super 7 lathe Data Pack containing all significant publications issed by the maker - increased in size from A5 to A4 to make for easier reading and clearer drawings and diagrams. Includes: Instruction and Maintenance Manual with Parts Manual as Exploded Component Drawings together with a copy of the Myford Publication "Practical Turning on Myford 3.5-inch Centre lathes" - a booklet that gives step-by-step instructions (using the building of model engines as examples) of how to employ a Myford lathe to best effect.

Print code: MM536AF

Myford Super 7 Instruction and Maintenance Manual with Parts as Exploded Component Drawings. French text.

Print code: MM537A

Myford Screwcutting Gearboxes. There were two versions of the box: the earlier had a train of external gears under a detachable cover on the right-hand face, the later version was entirely enclosed. The gears and settings for each box differ and this publications contains both editions with full details of the metric conversions sets needed, how to mount the gearbox and other essential information. Both boxes can be fitted to either the ML7 or Super 7 - the only difference being the shape of the changewheel guard.

Print code: MM538

Myford Mini-Kop Mk.1 - the very first type based closely on the ordinary Super 7 lathe, even to the use of a screwcutting gearbox. detailed Operation, Maintenance and Parts Manual.

Super 7 Parts

Link belts help to reduce the vibration normally passed from a single-phase motor to the lathe - and was a fitting often used by Myford Service...

The only PowerTwist belt needed on the Super 7 and ML7R is from the countershaft to the headstock. The use of this belt guarantees that the lowest speed will be available...