Print code: MA470

"AIS" Generic Model Taiwanese bench milling machine as branded by Warco, Whitecoat, Ajax,Naerok, etc. Service Manual (very basic, but with useful parts Drawings).
The machines were all very similar and sometimes carried the code letters "AIS" on the maker's plate.

Print code: MA470A

Taiwanese lathes - the most common medium-sized model offered during the last 30 years has been sold using a bewildering variety of names including, Lantaine, Wey II Corp, Warco, Kin Shin,  McMillan KS-3.5, Carolina and Peerless. Some of the names used were of actual manufacturers - or importers and agents - while others were entirely fictional - lathes sometimes arriving at the distributors with an envelope containing a selection of “fictional” nameplates.

Print code: MW246

Warco Lathes 1325, 1336, 1340BH (6.5" centre height) - Operator's Manual and Parts as Sectional Drawings.

Print code: MW246A

Warco Milling and Drilling Machine. Major, Minor and Economy. Basic Operator's Instruction Manual - but with full Sectional Drawings. Includes copies of various sales catalogues.

Print code: MW246B

Warco CT-918 lathe. Full Manual and Exploded Components Manual. Also applies to other Taiwanese and Chinese lathes sold under the "918" label. An improved users manual for this lathe is the one for Emco Compact 8 - of which the 918 is a copy.

Print code: MW246C

Warco 210 Lathe Manual and Illustrated Parts Manual as full Sectional Drawings (Covers Models C210T, C210 and other variants).

Print code: MW246D

Warco 220 Lathe. Operator's Manual with Electrical Diagrams.

Print code: MW246E

Warco A1S and A1 Turret Miller: Manual. Very basic Manual but with Sectional Drawings. Identical to a range of other Taiwanese and Chinese millers usually labelled "A1S" somewhere in their name.

Print code: MW246F

Warco ALH4 Turret Miller: Operator's Instruction and Maintenance Manual with Parts Manual as Exploded Component Drawings.

Print code: MW246G

Warco 1420BH Lathe: Operator's Instruction and Maintenance Manual with Parts Manual as Exploded Component Drawings.

Print code: MW246H

MW246H WARCO FV320T - a direct copy of the Emco FB2 (and MENTOR) Vertical Milling Machine. This manual is for the Emco and includes Combined Operator's' Instruction Manual and Parts Manuals shown as useful Exploded-component Diagrams. Includes details of both the later 6-speed and earlier 4-speed versions together with a factory issue 14-page "Electrical System" bulletin for the late FB2. Includes a copy of the maker's detailed Sales & Accessories Catalogue and a chart showing the "Calculation of hole numbers required on the indexing attachment".

Warco Parts

Axminster, Chester, Warco, etc. 920 lathe Chinese-made lathes. Narrow 5 mm x 710 V-belt. This is a top-quality, USA-made product.

Drive belt for the popular Naerok, NuTools and Warco branded bandsaws.
We have determined that the Naerok and NuTools versions had a belt 650, 660 or 680 mm long - it's important to check...