Manuals and Catalogues

Print code: M200

MURAD "Antarctica" Precision Lathe: Two Sales Folders. 8 pages.

Print code: M200A

MURAD CADET Lathe Mk.2: Sales Folder. 4 pages.

Print code: M200D

Murad "Production Times" 3 editions of the large advertising sheet (8 x A4) put out by Murad showing the Bormilathe, 3Q Capstan, Series 4 & No.1 & 2 Velomatic Capstans and the Centre lathes.

Print code: M200EC

Murad CAR: Sales Catalogue, 4 pages; Art-worked Drawings/photographs 4 pages.

Print code: M200F

MURAD Sales Catalogue "The Customer is Always Right". 16-page booklet outlining the company's products and history.

Print code: M200H

MURAD DUSTLESS GRINDER. Sales Sheet. 2 pages.

Print code: MM525

Murad Capstan Lathe Service Manual. Electrical and mechanical specifications and Sectional Drawings together with a comprehensive 16-page Sales, Accessories and technical Specification Catalogue.

Print code: MM525A

Murad Bormilathe Multi-function Machine  - unfortunately no manual ever seems to have been produced for this ingenious machine but there are two excellent and detailed Technical Sales and Specification Booklets that have Screwcutting Charts and a full explanation of how the machine and its accessories function.