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Alligator Belt Lacing - Genuine American-made


Alligator Belt Lacing - the Genuine American-made product not the copy made in China. A length of clip is hammered in at each end of the belt and joined with two sections of the special oval pin supplied - these being designed to work back-to-back. Alternatively, a length of nylon or red-fibre rod can be used. A detailed instruction sheet is supplied with each clip. "Alligator clips" are made in various sizes but five cover most belts in common use.
All clips -  save for the No. 7 at 6 inches  - are 11 inches long and supplied as a single strip complete with the special "dimpled" connecting pin.
THE No.7 CLIPS ARE SUPPLIED AS A PAIR with a connecting pin.
Post includes up to three clips of the same size ordered at the same time. If in doubt, for advice phone: 01298-871633 from 09:00 to 23:00

To order a belting suitable for these clips, click here

NOTE: Our standard Super Tensile belt takes a Size 15 clip**.

Size 7 is for belts just under 2 to just over 3 mm (3/32" to 1/8")
**Size 15 is for belts just under 3 to just over 4 mm (1.8" to 5/32").
Size 20 is for belts just under 4 to just over 5 mm (5/32 to 3/16")
Size 25 is for belts just under 5 to just over 6 mm (3/16" to 7/32")
Size 35 is for belts just under 6 to just over 7 mm (9/32 to 5/16")

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