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Parts: Gears / Changewheels

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Boxford, South Bend "9-inch", Hercus, Smart & Brown Sabel (etc) Changewheels & Tumble Reverse Gears

Changewheels (and metric-to-inch and inch-to-metric transposing gears) to fit Boxford and other South Bend 9-inch Clones (e.g. Ace, Hercus, Purcell, Smart & Brown Sabel, S and SAB, Blomqvist**, Parkanson, Purcell, Sheraton, Storebro**, etc). All are 18 D.P. with a 14.5-degree pressure angle and 0.125" depth of tooth. They are 3/8" wide, have a 9/16" bore, and a 1/8" wide keyway.


Boxford Lathe Tumble Reverse Gear - Early Models 14.5-degree pressure angle

Boxford lathe Tumble Reverse Gear Early Models

This gear is for all Models prior to Serial Serial No. 11-13513 - the introduction of the Mk.2 Models that have a single lever on top of the headstock to engage the backgears. 32 teeth and a 14.5-degree pressure angle. Made in the correct grade of cast iron - we have sold these gears for over 30 years.

For later models (the Mk. 2 AUD, BUD and CUD) with a 21-degree pressure angle see here.


Boxford Spindle Bull Wheel Ring Gear

RING GEAR to repair the main spindle Bull Wheel (the larger of the two gears on the main spindle). Machine off the damaged teeth and shrink or Loctite the new gear in place. Can be used on all belt-drive models the A, B, C, AUD, BUD, CUD, ME10, CSB and those T and TUD non-screwcutting lathes fitted with backgear - but not the VSL which had hardened backgears. PLEASE NOTE: this is a 14.5-degree gear, not the later 20-degree.