Boley Full-range Watchmakers' Lathes, other Machine Tools and Accessories Catalogue





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Drill, Lathe, Milling Machine, Miscellaneous


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BOLEY Full-range Watchmakers' lathes, millers, drills, etc. From around 1920 the design of Boley Watchmakers' the lathes was more or less complete and the complete-range catalogue circa 1924 covers items many of which were made from the late 1800s until the 1960s.
Shows not just the lathes and their accessories but vertical & horizontal milling machines, drilling machines in light and heavy types, anvils, cases, countershafts and drive systems, files, foot motors, gauges, hammers, hand tools, micrometers, sliding verniers Gauges, stakes, drifts, punches, screwdrivers, spring winders, tweezers, vices and even work-bench stools, etc. A superb production, which illustrates to perfection the enormous variety of Boley products. A high-quality reproduction. 86 pages.


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