Hendey "Modern Engine Lathes": full-range catalog-cum-handbook circa 1920/5





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Hendey Lathes: "Modern Engine Lathes". This is the best publication for getting to grips with the earlier Hendey Models. A beautifully illustrated and comprehensive 67-page catalog-cum-handbook it shows the complete lathe range as it was in the early to mid-1920s showing both cone and geared-head models and the complete accessory range of slide rests, capstan attachments, steadies, collets, tools, coolant equipment, chucks, taper-turning units, the various electric drive systems and countershafts, etc. Includes a full range of screwcutting charts and how to calculate formulas, details of the lathes' constructional arrangements, full details of how to operate the relieving attachment and a number of useful sectional drawings. This publication is very much more complete than the small format edition issued by Hendey as a "Handbook".






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