Bridgeport Ram-head "Series 1" Milling Machine - a complete data pack




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Milling Machine
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BRIDGEPORT Series 1 Universal Milling Machine: A complete Data Packing consisting of three elements:
1) Installation, Operator's Instruction, Maintenance and Parts Manual - the latter as very clear exploded component drawings in the UK Edition
2) A copy of the earlier American  "Sectional Drawings" Edition covering all years including the very early "Master Milling Attachment" Model C Head in 1/4 and 1/2 hp versions.
3) A copy of the best Sales, Technical Specification and Accessories Catalogue ever issued.
These publications represent the most complete set of data available and are unusual in showing all the different heads and power-feed table gearboxes, etc. Covers all years of production and includes all 8 known electrical diagrams (culled from various editions over the years) plus the Quinton Crane Table Drive Motor Instructions and Electrical Schematic and details of the optical measuring system (installation, operation, troubleshooting guide, parts list and electrical connections). A very high quality, bound publication with 244 pages. To see these millers see:


  • Operators Manual
  • Parts Manual
  • Electrical Diagrams

All manuals are scanned at high resolution and supplied as a top-quality print, bound and on a superior 129g paper.

Unless otherwise stated, all manuals are in English.

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