Adcock & Shipley

Manuals and Catalogues

Print code: A406A

ADCOCK and SHIPLEY (By Ryder) Universal Machine Tool - a remarkable machine that combines a lathe, milling machine, universal grinder twist-drill grinder and a drill press. Sales and Technical Specification Catalogues. 8 pages

Print code: A406Q

Adcock & Shipley 4AG Milling Machine. Sales & Technical Specification Catalogue

Print code: MB410

BRIDGEPORT Series 1 Universal Milling Machine - and its various and many clones: A complete, high-quality Data Pack consisting of all known literature in three parts:
1) Installation, Operator's Instruction, Maintenance and Parts Manual - the latter as very clear exploded component drawings in the UK Edition for machines made by Adcock and Shipley.
2) A copy of the earlier American  "Sectional Drawings" Edition covering all years including the very early "Master Milling Attachment" Model C Head in 1/4 and 1/2 hp versions.