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Dean Smith and Grace Type A & B Lathes (from the 1940s)


Dean Smith and Grace (DSG)



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Dean, Smith and  Grace Type A and B lathes from the late 1930s and into the 1940s (marked variously as A, B, 4AN, 4AV, 4BN, 4AB, 4BR, 4AR, 4ABR, 4BDR, 4BZ, etc). These lathes had simple lever control of spindle speeds together with pick-off gears inside the headstock for which instructions are given. Rather basic Instruction Book with Threading and Speed Charts and Clutch Adjustment details plus a splendid Catalogue (June 1948) showing the Model A & B lathes in all their configurations.
The older Dean Smith and Grace lathes of the 1940s had a large motor flange-mounted against the left-hand face of the machine. The headstock control levers were all round bars tipped with round knobs. The screwcutting gearbox had a single tumbler lever and two small levers close together on its front face.
Models designations for the Types A and B were, amongst others: 7-inch centre height Models 4AN, 4AR and 4AV; 8.5-inch centre height "light-type" Models 4AB and 4ABR; 8.5-inch centre height standard machines Models 4BN and 4BR; 10-inch centre height "light type" Models 4BC and 4BCR. They were made in a variety of bed lengths as follows: 6, 8 or 10 feet long beds for the for the 7-inch and light 8.5-inch and 8, 10, 11 or 16 feet for the two larger models. The beds of the 7 and 8.5-inch models were 12.25 inches wide (312 mm) and that of the 10-inch some 16 inches (406 mm). The 7-inch and light-type 8.5-inch models had 5 h.p. motors with 12 speeds from 11 to 490 r.p.m and the standard 8.5 inch and light 10-inch models 10 h.p. motors with 12 speeds from 19 to 418 r.p.m (those these might well have differed according to customer specification)


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