Alexander -Deckel Pantograph Engraving and Die-Sinking Machines Nos. "1", "1A", "1B", "1-2", "2", "2A", "2B" and "3A" and 3 Series. Manual


G1 1 1A 1B 1-2 2 2A 2B 3A 3-Series

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  • Operators Manual
  • Maintenance Manual

Alexander (George Alexander GHA) Pantograph Engraving and Die-Sinking Machines Nos. "1", "1A", "1B", "1-2", "2", "2A", "2B" and "3A" and 3 Series. These engravers were copies of contemporary Deckel machines - all based on the Deckel G1L. Detailed Operator's Instructions with sectional drawings of all the cutter heads (these have been scanned at high resolution and enlarged to full-page size). This large 140-page triple-edition Manual also covers: "All multi-head and special types of GHS Engraving machines" - for example, the Model 1-2 was a 2B but fitted with a slightly smaller table, pantograph and spindle for undertaking finer work. This collection represents all known literature for these models and includes a very useful and detailed Sales and Specification and Accessories Catalogue with information about Special Machines, Type Sets, Etching Pencils, Rotary Engraving Attachments, Cutter Grinders, Cutter Microscope, Stylus, Collets and Cutters and work examples.


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