Harrison "13-inch" and "15-inch" Models 155, 165, 190 and "1300" Operating Manual & parts




13-inch 15-inch 155 165 190 and

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Special Edition for the rare combined early/late Harrison "13-inch" and "15-inch" (identical apart from centre height) and badged variously as: 155, 165, 190 and "1300". These very distinctive lathes differ from the other 155 and 165 L6 Mk. 2 types in having the two spindle-speed levers pointing downwards on the front face of the headstock (instead of on top), large embossed sheet-aluminium covers on the headstock and face of the apron.

The screwcutting gearbox was the earlier type with a sliding tumbler selector that indexed into a row of holes.

This manual consists of the two manuals MHL13 and MHL19 to cover the differences between the models.

A picture of this lathe type is here: http://www.lathes.co.uk/harrison/img115.jpg


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