ZF Electromagnetic Multi-disc Clutches. Manual


ZF Zahnradfabrik Friedrichshafen AG


EK EK-B EK-C EK-H EXR 20 EKR 30 EKR30 to EKR 250 G B and H EK-Z EK-ZB EKR-Z EK1-C EK-2Dc EK5-Dc

Machine types: 



  • Operators Manual
  • Maintenance Manual

ZF Electromagnetic Multi-disc Clutches for wet operating conditionsTypes EK, EK-1C, EK2-Dc, EKDc, EK-B, EK-C, EK-H, Types up to EKR 20, EKR 30 to EKR 250, EKR 30G to EKR 250 G. B and H, EK-Z, EK-BZ, EKR-Z. Two editions of the slim but comprehensive Operating Instructions, Installation & Commissioning, Lubrication, Current Supply Brushes, Electrical Connection, Repairs, etc. 


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