Manuals and Catalogues

Print code: B450

Breda Lathes: Two catalogues for the: BRF150, BRM180, BRL 225, BRL 250, BRF 250 and BRM F250. All but the BRF are in English, the BRF150 is in French - though with a single sheet of specifications in English. Also contains two radial-arm drills and an interesting account of the Company's history. 33 Pages

Print code: B450A

BREDA 30th Anniversary Range Brochure. Lathes Models; BRF150, BRM180, BRL225, BRL250, BRP250, BRP300. radial-arm drills Models: R915L, R1200L, R1220MP, R1580MP, R1880MP, Twist Drill Grinders AFP30, AFP50 AFP80. Plus interesting pages on the factory background and history. 16 pages

Print code: B450B

BREDA Radial-arm Drills Series MS and MP - all sizes. Sales and Technical Specification Catalogue. 12 pages.

Print code: B450C

BREDA Twist-Drill Grinding Machines AFP30, AFP50 and AFP80. Sales and Technical Specification Catalogue. 6 pages.

Print code: B450D

BREDA Grinding Machine AFC5. Sales and Technical Specification Catalogue. 6 pages

Print code: MB405

Breda Twist-drill Grinding Machines AFP-30, AFP-50 and AFP-80. Instructions and Parts Manual as Sectional Drawings. Includes an electrical schematic. Duplicated text in English, Italian and German.