Manuals and Catalogues

Print code: MC50A

Cardiff "Major" Lathes. A complete Data Pack that covers all version with centre heights from 7" to 10". Operating and Maintenance Manual with Sales, Technical Specification and Accessories Catalogues.

Print code: MC50B

Cardiff Major lathes 7", 7.5" and 8" centre-height models. Illustrated Parts Manual.

Print code: MC50C

Cardiff "Prefect" 9-inch centre-height Lathe (also listed as covering the slightly larger version of the "Crusader" with an 11 rather than10.5-inch centre height. Operator's Instruction and Maintenance Manual.

Print code: MC50D

Cardiff "Senior" 8.5-inch and "Crusader" 10.5-inch lathes. Data Pack with the Operator's Instruction, Maintenance Manual and Parts Manuals and the maker's Sales & Technical Specification Catalogues

Print code: MC50F

Cardiff No. 1 Power Punching and Shearing Machine. Operator's Instruction Book with Blade Adjustment Instructions and an Illustrated Parts Manual.