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Manuals and Catalogues

Print code: D650

DUPLOMATIC FC1 Die Matic Conventional and Die-sinking Ram-head Milling Machine with fully automatic control - and also able to be used as conventional milling machine by hand. Sales and Technical Specification Catalogue with a hydraulic layout illustration and an annotated control diagram. 6 pages.

Print code: MD555

Duplomatic "Filematic 50 and Filematic 100" High-speed automatic lathe threading attachment: Instruction Manual and Exploded-Parts Diagrams. Includes a copy of the useful Technical Sales and Specification Catalogue and a set of can charts.

Print code: MD555A

Duplomatic Type "T" all sizes Tracer (Hydraulic copying unit) Instruction Manual and exploded-parts Diagrams.

Print code: MD555B

Duplomatic TA/20 Tracer (Hydraulic copying unit) Operation & Maintenance Manual with Parts as Exploded Component Drawings.

Print code: MD555B2

DUPLOMATIC TA/20/1 TRACER (Hydraulic copying unit) Operation and Maintenance Manual and Parts as Exploded Component Drawings.

Print code: MD555C

Duplomatic TA "Compact Series" Hydraulic Copying Unit. Detailed setting up and Maintenance Manual with Parts Manual as exploded component diagrams.

Print code: MD555D

DUPLOMATIC - (BSA) BSV-N-120/Baureihe Series 24, BSV-N-160, BSV-N-200 and BSV-N-250. Fast
Indexing Heads.
Instructions for Use and Maintenance with Assembly Drawings as Sectional Diagrams. English and German Text.

Print code: MD555E

DUPLOMATIC TRM-N-120/20, TRM-N-160, TRM-N-200 Vertical Axis Toolholders. Operating & Maintenance Instructions with Sectional Drawings. English & German Text.